Our spay/neuter clinic on August 8 was booked solid. At 7:30am there was a crowd of people outside waiting for the doors to open and to be checked in for their appointments. When Ashley B. left  her dog Luna with us it wasn’t until the pre-surgery exam that the vet staff noticed Luna was lactating. While it didn’t look like Luna was recently pregnant, the doctor decided it was unsafe for Luna to proceed with surgery that day.

We called Ashley to let her know Luna needed to be picked up and rescheduled for another day. Ashley was very upset because she was in the process of moving and her housing placement was contingent on Luna being altered.  Without this surgery, Ashley and Luna were in danger of losing the roof over their heads.

Although Luna missed our free Fix Your Pit clinic in August, we promised Ashley that as soon as Luna was ready, we’d cover the surgery cost at another AHS clinic date. In addition, Save-a-Bull director Lori Hames worked with Ashley’s housing counselor to assure them that Ashley was in fact a responsible owner and was meeting the requirements and having Luna spayed.

Luna got her surgery and they got to keep their housing. Luna is a very happy, healthy, and spoiled girl in her new home.

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