Pet overpopulation isn’t a “local” problem! Across the United States shelters, rescues and animal control agencies fight with and try to deal with the overabundance of animals that need help. Because of this comedian Rebecca Corry created the Standup for Pits Foundation and hosts the national initiative “Spay/Neuter Angel Day” named in honor of her departed pit bull, friend and advocate, Angel. On April 2, the anniversary of Angel’s passing, SUFP organizes shelter and rescue organizations across the country to hold free spay/neuter clinics on the same day. SUFP shells out thousands of dollars to pay for this national event.

This year we were honored to receive a grant from SUFP to host a clinic in Minneapolis as part of Spay/Neuter Angel Day. Across the country, 22 cities held clinics with the goal to spay/neuter 868 dogs. With the need for these services in the Twin Cities growing and growing, it was extra special to be able to add this seventh clinic to our schedule!

For Corry, who knows the sad facts of shelter overpopulation in America, this is a vital day for protecting the future of all homeless animals. According to Corry, one unaltered female dog and her puppies can create 67,000 dogs in six years, if none of the dogs are spayed or neutered. “So if we are fixing 600, you do the math on that. That’s the potential to save millions of lives,” she adds.

Corry hopes efforts like this open animal lovers’ eyes to the importance of spay/neuter efforts. While donating to a vital initiative like spay/neuter clinics may not be as cute as giving funds to the care of one rescue dog, these donations will go on to change countless lives.

“The best way to save dogs from the shelter is not letting them get in there to begin with,” sums up Corry.[1]

 We couldn’t agree more, and that the entire basis for our Fix Your Pit program. On April 2 we saw 16 dogs; 16 more than we would have been able to without this extra clinic. The Stand Up for Pits Foundation footed the entire bill, for us and for the 21 other cities, totaling more than $70,000.

Supporting spay/neuter initiatives is the best way to stop the cycle of homeless, abused, unwanted and euthanized animals. Please give today!