Hosted by the Rogers Lions Club, Live To Give is an annual charity event inspired by the hit reality TV show, “Survivor.” Competitors are asked to raise money to participate, the first $400 collected is prize pool money, the rest is donated to their charity of choice. Last year the Live to Give competition raised over $27,000 for the competitors charities!

We were contacted by Jesse Longtin who is competing in the event and chose to support Save-a-Bull Rescue. He plays softball with one of our foster volunteers and has met many of our dogs at the ball field. He got to interact with these dogs and fell in love with the breed.

“I chose to represent Save-a-Bull Rescues for this charity event because I have always supported charities and organizations that look out for our furry friends and that help them find great and accommodating homes. My first job was at an animal shelter up north and that is where I fell in love with helping animals directly, and where I learned how many people have misconceptions about certain breeds of dogs. While I have never owned a pitbull, I have worked with, and  have lived with pitbulls owned by my roommates and have only found them to be loving, affectionate, and good-hearted loyal companions. I wanted to focus on giving back to a charity that means something to me this year, and Save-a-Bull Rescues fits that criteria perfectly! It’s a worthy cause that I couldn’t be more supportive of and I have seen firsthand some of the amazing things Save-a-Bull has done for the bully breed in the Twin Cities area. My softball coach, Manuel Solano, has brought his Save-a-Bull foster puppies to games and it has been an absolute joy interacting with them and getting them socialized. I couldn’t be more happy to be representing an amazing charity, while getting the chance to play a mini version of Survivor, which happens to be my favorite show of all time!”

We’re excited to cheer Jesse on as he competes in this event and are honored that he chose Save-a-Bull as his benefiting charity. We’re also really excited that our mission and efforts are spreading through the community in small, but powerful ways as our network of pit bull advocates keeps growing!

If you’d like to follow along this fun competition, visit the Live to Give Facebook page

And if you want to donate to Jesse’s efforts in supporting Save-a-Bull Rescue, and to learn more about competition details, go here:

(Note: Enter the amount you want to donate first, then your name and email on the next page, and then enter “Jesse Longtin” when asked which competitor you want you donation to go to)

We’ll keep you posted on Jesse’s outcome after this event takes place July 26-28, 2019.