In the category of “Not as Easy as it Sounds” you can add put your dog in a photo booth to the list.

At Sociable Cider Werks, a recent stop on our 2016 Summer Brewery Tour, we were fortunate to have had FotoGenic stop by with a photo booth. It was all set to take cute pictures of guests and their dogs and we were really excited!

Well, clearly getting your dog to pose for and appreciate the photo opp was harder than it sounded. But it did make for a few hilarious out takes, take a look:




PhotoBooth3 PhotoBooth4

We could just say “lesson learned” and move on, but it’s very likely that we’ll try the photo booth again at another event soon. In the mean time, make it a point to check out an upcoming brewery tour event and bring your dog for a little fun and games. Our next stop is this coming Thursday at Sisyphus Brewing. Proceeds from each event benefit Save-a-Bull so it’s a fun way to hang out, socialize and support rescue!


Click here for full details and upcoming events.


Thank you FotoGenic for the super-easy entertainment! If you’re looking for a photo booth to add some fun to your next event, we highly recommend them!