Meet Kari, an advocate for healthy humans and bully breeds alike. Wondering about the best payment for being a Save-a-Bull volunteer? Read on…

Q: How do you volunteer your time with Save-a-Bull?
Mostly as a foster, but I will occasionally jump at other opportunities to drive a puppy around or otherwise support our bullies and bully lovers!

Q: How long have you been volunteering  and what made you decide to volunteer with Save-a-Bull? 
I’ve been volunteering with Save-a-Bull for about 8 months. Save-a-Bull helped support me in fostering two very wonderful elder-bulls in need of rescue after their owner passed away last summer. The team with SAB could not have provided a more supportive rescue for those girls!

Q: What do you do for work? For fun?
I work  in healthcare administration in a chain of small community clinics and in health care reform advocacy. My favorite hobby is honestly anything that involves my best friends, my dogs- training, playing, gardening, hiking, watching movies, and playing board games (with one on the chair next to me giving me advice on the next move to make, and the other taking a nap with the foster pup under the table).

Q: Why do you think it’s important to volunteer?
Volunteering with groups like Save-a-Bull lowers euthanasia rates and fights discrimination against our friendly, buff companions, and saves lives of bully breed dogs that are some of the most overbred, mistreated, and neglected. It’s also really fulfilling and a great mental health boost to spend time with the awesome dogs that come through this rescue and help them overcome trauma and challenges to grow into trusting and affectionate members of the household. 
Also, 11/10 would recommend the wiggle butts and pittie snuggles given as payment for being a SAB volunteer!

Q: What’s the most rewarding experience you’ve had as a volunteer with Save-a-Bull so far?
Sharing morning snuggles with my current foster pup is probably my most rewarding experience(s) as a SAB volunteer. She has overcome a lot, and I am immensely thankful for every morning I get to wake up to her snoring face on my pillow next to me.

Q: If you had the opportunity to be involved in other parts of rescue, what would they be?
I think the Intake team’s role seems super fun. It seems rewarding to get to connect dogs with rescue and see each of our dogs at their “pre-rescued/rehabilitated” point and then watch them grow from afar and find their forever homes. 


Thank you to Kari, and ALL our volunteers, for putting yourselves out there to truly make a difference! #volunteerappreciationweek