Q: How do you volunteer your time specifically with Save-a- Bull?
I am Save-a-Bull’s content coordinator, so I spend my time looking through cute pictures of our foster dogs, and uploading them to their profiles.  I also take fosters information and form bios for the dogs.  I have also fostered dogs in the past, which resulted in adopting my Tommy boy.

Q: How long have you been with Save-a- Bull?
I have been with Save-a-Bull for about 3 years now.

Q: How did you learn about Save-a- Bull and what made you decide to volunteer?
My husband and I adopted our first pittie Belle from a different organization which lead to our love of the breed.  We happened to see Save-a-Bull had a garage sale near us, and we wanted to support a bully breed rescue.  We immediately knew it was an organization for us and began volunteering.

Q: What’s the most rewarding experience you’ve had as a volunteer so far?
Because I deal with the dog’s profiles, the most rewarding experience has been hearing potential adopters say they felt a connection to a dog through their images and bio.  It makes me feel like I have an integral part in finding them their forever homes.

Q: Do you have any dogs of your own?
Yes Belle is my grumpy princess.  She is a 7 year old pit mix that we love to death.   Tommy was a foster of ours that we ended up adopting.  He is a 4 year old pit mix as well.

Q: What do you do for work? For fun?
For work I am an independent contractor for chemistry labs, specializing in nano materials.  I am also the marketing and events manager at LynLake Brewery.
For fun, I like to hang with my pups and my family.  I also enjoy golfing, skiing, and working on house projects with my husband.