Q: How do you volunteer your time specifically with Save-a-Bull?
I foster puppies. One day I hope to successfully fail and keep one (or 17…?!)

Q: How long have you been with Save-a-Bull?
I started following Save-a-Bull around at adoption events for a bit, but just started fostering puppies in September.

Q: How did you learn about Save-a-Bull and what made you decide to volunteer?
I happened upon some Save-a-Bull folks at a table at some random event. I had gotten a pit bull earlier that year and wasn’t aware of all the judgement and hatred surrounding pit bulls. So many people from family to strangers felt compelled to “voice their concerns” about pits. People even let me know that they thought all pits–which would include mine, sitting sweetly at my side–should die. Save-a-Bull had info about pit bulls, and I appreciated it being succinct and something I could show to people.

Fast forward a year or so and my friend and I wanted to go see puppies. So we went to a Save-a-Bull adoption event. And then a couple more. Somebody talked about fostering, and specifically about fostering puppies. We moved to a place where we could foster, and now I’m four puppies in and I love it.

Q: What’s the most rewarding experience you’ve had as a volunteer so far?
Getting to see and be a part of the development and growth of puppies. And getting to help them explore the world and try new things. Like it hadn’t occurred to me before that they have to both learn how–and then get the courage to try–to go up and down stairs! Or discover that they like to lick things. Or try to figure out what snow is. It’s so cool to see them experience the world for the first time.

Q: Do you have any dogs of your own?
Naomi Girlfriend, the aforementioned pit bull. She has changed my life in so many ways, one of which has been an urge to champion pitties. She is the best dog ever. She definitely isn’t for everyone, but she is the best dog ever for me. I feel like she is a matching puzzle piece to me. Having the foster puppies coming in and out is awesome. And, I’m so thankful that Naomi Girlfriend is the one that doesn’t ever go.

Q: What do you do for work? For fun?
Investing in “at-risk” youth. Dog training. Photography. I’m a homebody so I love a night with dogs and a movie. Write. Build stuff. My interests are kinda random.