Q: How long have you been volunteering and what made you decide to volunteer with Save-a-Bull? 
Being a single guy that works A LOT, I didn’t feel like having a dog or three of my own was the most fair thing for the dogs. In Spring 2019, I started looking into various rescues in Twin Cities that I could volunteer with when I had some free time. Save-a-Bull stuck out for me as it was a smaller rescue that put the emphasis on the underdog (pun totally intended), with strict guidelines for both volunteers and adopters alike, while educating on the misunderstood bully breeds.

Q: What do you do for work? For fun? 
I work for a commercial airline, fixing aircraft. For fun, I like to ride my motorcycle in the sunshine, cook tasty meals, work on rehabbing my house, and am a pretty avid reader – mostly fictional novels.

Q: How do you volunteer your time with Save-a-Bull?
Being relatively new to the rescue, I’ve enjoyed all the events but the Brewery Tours are a fav – to watch people’s reactions and surprise in seeing how friendly the dogs are brings great joy. And obviously educating people with my growing knowledge on the bully breeds is pretty awesome.

Q: What’s the most rewarding experience you’ve had as a volunteer with Save-a-Bull so far?
A foster’s mother had to have surgery and asked me to watch her foster pooch for a few days. Being able to do that for her to perhaps ease a bit of stress while hanging out with the dog was great.

Q: Why do you think it’s important to volunteer? 
I enjoy volunteering because we are all a part of the whole, or the sum of all the parts in our world. To be able to look past our own bubble and realize that we are a piece in the giant puzzle. I volunteer with a handful of organizations but clearly anything to do with our furry friends is my favorite.

Thank you to Ben, and ALL our volunteers, for putting yourselves out there to truly make a difference! #volunteerappreciationweek