If you’ve followed along in the last few weeks you’ve seen several litters of cute puppies join the Save-a-Bull family. While we love puppies, we know their road ahead is going to be a little bit easier than an adult dog that comes into rescue. These babies haven’t suffered any abuse or neglect, and will start out their lives in a loving foster home before they are adopted. Our hearts really go out to the older dogs who come to us in much greater need. This weekend we met, and took in, three dogs who desperately need a second chance. Meet Louie, Brooklyn and Gwen.

Age: 1.5 year old/male
From: Local animal control
We got a call from an animal control facility saying they had a dog with a severely injured leg. Most local facilities are not set up with 24 hour vet staff and Louie needed to be seen right away. We went to get him and took him to the emergency vet where it was decided that Louie needed surgery as soon as possible. At the time of this post, Louie is in surgery where the severity of his injuries will be assessed. We’re hoping his leg can be treated and will not need amputation. But we will stick with Louie no matter what the outcome!
* We will update this post with Louie’s results when they become available.


Ages: 6 months old/females
From: Owner surrender
A good Samaritan contacted us about two young pit bulls in need of rescue. The owners of the dogs told her they were sick and not eating or drinking. She asked if they would give the dogs to her so she could find them help, and they did. She took them to the vet, covered in mange and itchy, bloody scabs and kept them in her home for two weeks while being treated for the skin condition. They started eating again and put on eight pounds each.

Once the dogs were out of immediate danger and gaining their health back, the woman asked us to take them in, continue their care and find them homes. Brooklyn and Gwen are now in foster homes where they will receive ongoing treatment for their condition until we find them new families who will care for and love them like they deserve.

We knew Louie, Brooklyn and Gwen were all going to need extensive medical care when we took them in. But they are all great, friendly happy dogs in spite of the luck that has fallen upon them – how could we say no?

Because of  continued support by thousands of rescue advocates like you, we are in the position to help these dogs when they come to us. If you’d like to make a donation to help in their care, please click here. Or consider a sponsorship to help them on the road to recovery.

Once their health is better, all three of these dogs will be added to our website as available for adoption!