Are you an independent consultant for an in-home direct sales business like Jamberry, Scentsy, Pampered Chef, Thirty-One, etc. Check with your company’s home office fundraising policies and see if they offer any matching or incentives to raise money for non-profits. Then do a fundraising event to your customers!

We greatly appreciate every effort made to raise money for the dogs at Save-a-Bull and we happily give you permission to use our name and logo on your website or Facebook page to promote your fundraiser. However, due to the content and attention our media requires for us to focus on rescue, we can’t partner to publicly promote each and every event.

You have the ability to reach a new, wider audience that we can’t touch on a daily basis. Your personal efforts will make a positive impact on the pit bulls in rescue and we thank you for spreading the word!



“Using my direct sales business to raise money for rescue is a fun way for me to contribute.
I don’t have to make a huge time investment and I’m doing something I love for a good cause.”

Brie Piller
Independent Jamberry Nails Consultant


“I love being able to help rescues raise money for all their many expenses.
By doing fundraisers, not only do people get great products but the rescue gets
40% from our fundraiser catalog. It’s a win/win for everyone.”

Beth Dwallibee
Tubberware Consultant




Please feel free to download and use these graphics for your fundraiser. Click on the image, then right click and “Save image as…”