Save-a-Bull Rescue is overwhelmingly grateful for the support of our past adopters, our volunteers and our community over the past many years. With your support we’ve rescued and rehomed hundreds of dogs in need – but that’s not enough.

The vast majority of dogs that come into rescue are unwanted or neglected. From large litters of puppies that would have been euthanized just because there was no space for them, to older dogs that no one cared enough about to give basic care and food. While we love nothing more than to take in and help these wonderful dogs, their situations can be avoided by providing education and basic vetting needs to people in our community.

There are hundreds of responsible families that love their pets but simply can’t afford the care they deserve. We want to help our community give their dogs the care they want to provide them, which will lead to a healthier Twin Cities overall.

On Give to the Max Day 2015, we launched our FIX YOUR PIT program and raised enough money to host and fund four free spay/neuter clinics this year.* These clinics allowed qualified pit bull and pit mix owners to spay/neuter their pets free of charge.**

Every clinic we held was at max capacity and we spayed/neutered 81 dogs as of our last clinic on October 22. According to breeding statistics, serving these dogs helped prevent more than 3,000 puppies from being born into a situation where more than one million pit bulls are euthanized in the US every year.


This year, our goal on Give to the Max Day, Nov. 17, is to raise enough money to expand our program to six clinics in 2017 and be able to include free vaccines and microchips to all dogs participating. We also plan to create educational curriculums that we can take into grade and middle schools to teach children the importance of responsible pet ownership, kindness to animals, dog bite prevention and giving back to their communities through compassion and volunteering.

By helping our community learn about and care for their pets, we’ll continue to create a growing network of responsible owners who will become breed advocates for pit bulls and pit bull mixes. Spayed/neutered dogs are healthier, have better temperaments, don’t wander away from home and of course limit unwanted puppies – all of which is good for them, great for our community and even better for breed perception overall.

Help Support Healthier Communities

donatenowGive to the Max Day is our jumping off point to raise the money needed to fund our clinics each year. We’re committed to the positive impact spay and neuter will make in our community and will continue to grow and add to our Fix Your Pit program. If you would like to contribute to the ongoing success of this program, please donate now! You’ll be helping to make a huge impact on our community and you’ll earn some fun new swag that also helps spread our mission:


$25 provides vaccines for one dog at our clinics.

You’ll also get a car window decal that you can sport to promote our free clinics across the Twin Cities all year long. It’s cute and it’ll help make sure that the people who need our clinics know where to find them.



$50 provides vaccines and a microchip for one dog

Donate $50 and you’ll get the decal and our beautiful 2017 Save-a-Bull calendar! The photos in this calendar, taken by Tangerine House of Design, show off pit bulls in all their beauty and goofiness.



$75 covers the cost of one spay/neuter surgery

This donation level gets you the decal and a colorful coffee mug that illustrates the wonderful Twin Cities communities that benefit from happy, healthy pit bull ownership.


$100 covers the whole thing: Spay/neuter, vaccines and a microchip for one dog!

donatenowDonations at this level score you the car decal, calendar and the coffee mug – thank you so very much!

Make sure you join us on Facebook for Give to the Max Day stories, plans for our 2017 clinics and education, and some fun and games all day long!


* Thanks to your generosity during Give to the Max Day last year, we raised more than the money needed for our four clinics in 2016. The unused balance has been set aside to be used toward our six clinics in 2017 and to produce the materials for our educational curriculum for children in grade and middle schools.

**A $10 appointment fee is required at time of booking spay/neuter appointments.