Male - 3 years old

Meet Zappa! Zappa is a super special boy, he is so cuddly and very mellow. He loves to play tug with his sister, Nirvana and with his foster dog mommy, Nelly. He becomes very submissive when Nelly "scolds" him for being too rough.

When Zappa sees anyone from his human family, he would much rather be snuggled and held than play with his doggy friends. He will crawl in our laps and burrow his head in the blanket and fall right asleep.

Zappa is so good about using his potty pads. When he is playing he will run to his potty pad and go potty rather than going on the floor, he is super smart. Zappa sleeps in his crate with his sister and sleeps all night long. Zappa also loves the cats... he will snuggle up to them (because they love his fuzzy bed!) and fall asleep. Our kitten plays with him and he is quite gentle and submissive to her. He does have an interest in the older cats, but when they hiss he keeps his distance.

Zappa is sponsored by
Dave Nichols and Brittany Schlundt
in memory of both Bailey and Sammy Schlundt. Merry Christmas!

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