Female - 4 years old

Meet Zayda! Zayda is about 12 weeks old and lives with 2 resident dogs, 3 school-age kids, and 2 kitties. She is small, a little over 5 pounds, but that doesn't stop her! She has tail wags for everyone, and a curious spirit. Zayda took a bit of time to feel comfortable playing with the bigger dogs, but now she happily tumbles and initiates play. Zayda enjoys playing with toys and will happily keep herself busy or will want to play tug-o-war with her people! She is very attentive to her people and prefers to be nearby, napping at your feet or snuggling up with you. Zayda sleeps in her kennel quietly overnight and is kenneled when her fosters are not home. She is doing great with potty training and makes it through the night with no accidents! Zayda is currently working on basic obedience and the sit command. She is a wonderful little gal who would love to be part of a family of her own!

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