Female - 4 years old

Meet Zelda. Zelda is one adorable pup, with personality plus, and lots of energy and loves everyone!  Zelda has Egyptian eyebrows that make her face look so unique.   


Zelda is a very loyal dog.  Always wanting to go with me, just to see what I am doing. At 4 months old, Zelda already knows her name, and comes running when called by her name.  She doesn’t jump on you and sits in front of you.   But when she wants some love, she will run and jump in my lap and give me lots of love & kisses.  Zelda rarely barks and doesn’t react when the other dogs bark.  Zelda loves all her toys and doesn’t destroy them, but plays gently with each of them. 


Zelda is currently working on being housebroken.   She obviously picked up some habits at her former home in Oklahoma because she knows exactly what she is suppose to do when she goes out with all the other dogs.   Not to say that she hasn’t had an accident, but she knows exactly where to have her accidents, on her pee pads.  


Zelda is great with my other dogs.   I have two large females (Golden Retriever / Chow mix) and (Chocolate Lab/Pit mix) and one small male Min Dobe Pinch X.  Zelda has taken to the male more but on occasion he tries to play with the girls.   


Zelda is both independent and cuddly.  She loves exploring the house & yard on her own, checking things out.   When she takes his naps, Zelda prefers to be nap next to one of the other dogs, in her kennel, or by my side.   


Zelda has started her crate training.  She stays in his crate when I leave the house for a few hours.   Zelda developed kennel cough the 2nd day she was here, but she is on medication, and is doing quite well, and her coughing is down to a minimum.   She knows to keep his bed clean and she has never soil her bed. 


Zelda loves her toys, and plays with all of them when she is not playing with me or the other dogs.  Zelda has lots of energy but also a very calm young lady.  Zelda is looking for a family who will take her on long runs and play for hours!


Zelda is going to make some family very happy with all her love & adoration.

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