Sponsored in Memory of Alyssa Winters
Female – 4 years old

Meet Arianna.  Arianna is one adorable pup, has personality plus, and loves everyone!

Arianna is the most loyal dog and always wanting to be by your side.   At 2 months old, Arianna already knows her name, and comes running when called by her name.  Arianna rarely barks and doesn’t react when the other dogs bark.

Arianna is currently working on being housebroken.   After a slow start, she now knows what the pee pads are for.   Working on getting her to go outside but not quite there just yet.

Arianna is great with other dogs.   I have two large females (Golden Retriever / Chow mix) and (Chocolate Lab/Pit mix) and one small male Min Dobe Pinch X.  Arianna has taken to the male more but on occasion she tries to play with the golden retriever.  

Arianna is both independent and cuddly.   She loves exploring the house on her own, checking things out.   When she takes her naps, Arianna prefers to be napping next to one of the other dogs, or by my side.  

Arianna is already crate trained, sleeping in her crate all though the night and not crying or soiling her sleeping area.  I was very impressed the first night, she went directly into the crate without being told and went right to sleep.   Eventually, after she is housebroken, Arianna will be allowed to sleep outside the crate along with the other dogs in their own beds.

Arianna is one happy girl.   She loves her toys, and plays with all of them when she is not playing with me or the other dogs.

Arianna is going to make some active family very happy.


Arianna is sponsored by
Valentin Perez
in memory of Alyssa Winters

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