Sponsored in Memory of Alyssa Winters
Male – 5 years old

Hi!  I’m Axel.  I was born in July of 2014.  I’m a sweet pitbull mix with a laid back demeanor.  My favorite past time is to snuggle and cuddle.  I’m not a huge fan of winter and the cold.  I am leash trained but will not walk very far outside in the cold. 

I am crate trained and will sleep in one all night long.  I am great at the “sit” command as well as “stay”, “watch me” and “kennel”.  I’m very smart and catch on very quickly!  My foster mom teaches me a new command every week. I am working on adjusting to my new surroundings and have an occasional accident in the house; otherwise I prefer to go outside.

I’m not afraid of anything and am not easily intimidated.  I may even try to dominate other dogs and small children, so I may be better suited in a household where there are older children. I’m not sure if I like cats or not because my foster mom hasn’t seen me with them yet.  I know enough not to keep pestering other dogs if they don’t like it, but I always check back with them just to be sure, cause I love to play with other dogs!

Axel is sponsored by
Lisa Vizer
in memory of Alyssa Winters

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