Male - 5 years old

Zeus is a healthy, happy puppy. He loves to run and play with our residents dogs, and is easily entertained with his toys. He has been enjoying exploring the outdoors. He is still very young, so he is still learning commands and is getting better with the potty training. He is very smart and listens very well so being consistent, a routine and daily training has been working very well in his training. He is only going to get better with time. He spends about 4 to 6 hours in his crate while we are gone at work during the week and does very well, provided with chew toys and bones to occupy his alone time.

He is very playful and full of energy as puppies all are. When he gets tired out he loves to stay close by you to snuggle and sleep. His markings make him very unique. He is a very sweet boy and is going to make a great companion for a family. It has been a pleasure being able to foster Zeus, watching him grow and change has been so much fun. He is waiting to meet his forever family, don't miss out on these puppy moments with Zeus!


Zeus is sponsored by
Maria Kirsch

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