Female – 5 years old

Asha is such a little sweetie.  She has plenty of energy and will go go go until she finally lays down and conks out.  She plays really well with our year and a half old male Boxer, Trey.  Those 2 can go for hours.  She is not intimidated of him at all and will instigate the playing when he wants to be lazy.  We have 2 cats, although they are used to dogs, the cats seem to avoid her more than she avoids them.  She is very curious about them but does not chase.  She will sniff them until she gets too close and WACK.  Our cats make she knows who’s boss around the house, but she is not aggressive the cats at all.  She doesn’t do a whole lot of cuddling, but when she’s pooped out she will nap on your lap.  I think this is mostly because she is a puppy and has Trey to chase around the house at any time.  She instantly does her business when brought outside.  She has some accidents in the house, but she is starting to go to the door when she needs to go to the bathroom.  She’s only 9 weeks old, so I find her habits very normal, and she wants to learn.  She has already learned to sit on command.  That is if she isn’t too interested in playing with her big buddy Trey.  She sleeps in the kennel without any issues.  She begins to wine in the morning, but that’s only once we have started getting up.  She has not had 1 accident in her kennel!  We leave her in the kennel when gone and will either nap or chew on a raw hide.  She loves bones, rawhides, and loves to play with stuffed animals.  Asha is a very smart dog, full of energy, and would love to find her forever home.  She deserves it!

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