Female - 5 years old
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Hi, I'm Poppy and I'm practically perfect in every way. Let me tell you why:

I'm energetic, affectionate and very smart. I've had extensive obedience training so I'm an all-star at sit, stay, down and come; I don't beg for people food; I'm an excellent loose-leash walker; and if you leave the gate open, I won't even leave the yard. I love to train and learn and I'll do almost anything for a little bit of your attention.

I'm the perfect balance of active and lazy. The best day day would consist of a little exercise then watching a movie on the couch with my people.

I absolutely LOVE summer outdoor adventures! If we could go hiking, play fetch, camp, swim and kayak all the time, I'd be the happiest dog in the whole world! I'm pretty chill and willing to try almost anything so I'd be eager to go on a new adventure every day. And bring your friends, I love meeting new people!

Winter is my least favorite time of year, I don't like the cold; so when the season changes, I'd like to just snuggle on your lap with a blanket if you don't mind. I'm a great cuddle and I love to eat popcorn and binge watch the latest shows on TV. Let's hibernate together!

In exchange for all this awesomeness, I ask for just one thing in return: I need to live in a home with no other pets or small children. The commotion of a busy household stresses me out, I get anxious and I tend to lash out at other animals. I’ll need a little dog-management outside of the house as well; just to be aware of other dogs in the area and keep my focus on you so I don't get stressed out. I'm pretty good at "watch me" and "look" so it's just a routine we'll have to work on together.  

Here's some more fun facts about me:

If you were a dessert, what would you be? Ice cream

Squeaky or bouncy — what do you look for in a toy? Bouncy!     

What do you value most in a friendship? Attention

Do you have a nickname? I sure do! Poppy Love and Popperoni

Favorite kind of music? Anything my mom sings to me.

All in all, I'm pretty darn amazing if you'll just give me a chance. Everything I have going for me far outweighs my dislike for other dogs. I know my perfect person or family is out there, looking for a girl just like me. And I can't wait until they find me and we can start our brand new lives together!

Note: Poppy has a mild thyroid issue, but a daily pill manages it!

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