Female – 5 years old

Hello Everypawdy!
My name is Amira which means "Princess".  Yes I am a complete Princess and I let everyone know it too.  I am only 6 weeks old when me and my 6 brothers and sisters were rescued by some fantastic angels at SAB.  I get to live with my brother Cooper at this fantastic foster home and we drive our furry foster sister  (a 6 yr. old lab/boxer) "crazy".  She looks just like us so we think she's our mommy but she lets us both know quickly to leave her alone.  Whew!  She can be scary but I bark right back because I am the new Princess in town.  I am not potty trained but as soon as this arctic weather leaves I know I will learn very fast.  I get to sleep and cuddle with my brother in a cozy crate.  We cry for a little bit but settle in quickly. I LOVE toys and the best part is I get to play with 14 kids a day in this awesome place called a daycare.  They think I am the cutest, but who would not.  I like to check out the daycare guinea pig who is the same size as me.  I also live with my foster mommy and 3 kids that range in age from 11-21.  My foster mommy says she has a hard time telling me and Cooper apart, but I tell her I am the cuter one (bol).  I am spoiled and they all love me, even with my puppy breath.  I love to cuddle and attention and I will continue to learn the ropes as I get bigger.  I can't wait to try a walk on a leash too.  Okay, I cannot wait to meet you very soon for I have to go bug my borther Cooper right now.

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