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Just figured I would write, and let you know how Avery is doing. She has really filled out, and doesn't look like a skinny runt anymore, Just a pretty pit mix. She is doing so much better. No more kennel problems, I can't remember the last time she had an accident in the kennel. She knows all of her commands now sit, stay, down, dance, shake, drop it, stand. Still chases her tail though, I think it is to get my attention, when I am busy doing something. Recently I took in a new foster (rottweiler), He is about 2-years-old and they play together and have a ball. He has been getting her out of her shell. She goes into the backyard and explores now, and has ventured into my basement for the first time on her own. I can thank him for this new unafraid exploring behavior. she really is a joy to have and a wonderful dog. I can't thank you enough for letting me adopt her. Just wanted to send an update to let you know she is doing good.

Avery has been with Save-A-Bull for over 4 months and she desperately wants a family to call her own. Due to Avery's abusive and neglectful past she comes with some quirks, but she makes up for it with her strong desire to please and be loved. We are confident that her special family is out there and they just haven't found her yet.

Avery is a 8-12 month-old beauty. She is a petite girl at only 32# and will most likely remain small. She is very playful and energetic. Avery is great with children and dogs of all shapes and sizes. Avery is also wonderful with cats.

Avery is currently working on things such as leash pulling, jumping, and potty training (Hasn't had an accident in over 2 weeks) while in foster care. Avery is 100% crate trained.

UPDATE: Avery adores the water. She dives right in head first. She had everyone in tears with laughter as she continued to paddle with both feet even when out of the water. Avery continues to recieve daily excercise and is doing very well in her foster home.

Avery is spayed, vaccinated, and heartworm tested.

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Save-A-Bull Rescue is a foster based organization that relies solely on donations of others. All dogs that pass through this rescue are thouroughly temperament tested and it is felt that we have a firm grasp on their individual needs and personalities. Not only do we feel that our dogs are remarkable ambassadors of the breed, but we vow to blow the negative image of Pit Bulls out of the water with every new adoption.

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