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Apollo is truly a fantastic dog!  He has fit like a glove since the first day he’s been with us!  A little bit about Apollo: He is potty trained and crate trained (he doesn’t whine in his kennel at all).  He is so cute though that we can’t bear to not have him snuggle up with us in bed J  He loves to lay by our feet!  He is very loving and wherever you are, he is!  He is so quiet that sometimes we forget he’s in the same room as us!  He is fantastic with our dogs and LOVES to play chase.  A lot!  He also is fantastic with our children (who are younger).  They LOVE to “tuck him in” with blankets when he naps (I think he enjoys it as much as them!).  He is more of an “independent” cuddler; he will start on you and after 5 minutes will find a place on his own and lay there.  Lately he’s been sleeping by our feet more so he’s getting closer as he’s getting more comfortable.  Honestly, Apollo is amazing and any family would be lucky to have him.  Come and meet this fantastic man before it’s too late!

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Apollo  Apollo