Female - 7 years old

Hi, I’m Lyla! My best physical characteristics are my ears, face markings, and my front legs that dance when I’m excited! My foster mom loves how I dance and prance on my front legs when I’m happy. I also love to come onto the couch and rub my face on your face before I start playing with my foster brother and sister. I also will kiss you right in your mouth!

I hear I wasn’t very well taken care of before I came to my foster home, but it doesn’t reflect on how I interact with my foster family – I love my 8-year-old foster brother and 7-year-old foster sister – they play with me so much and it’s pretty much the best thing ever!

I am potty and kennel trained! I reluctantly sleep in a kennel at night, but I have a really comfy bed in my kennel that I curl up into. I know drop it, sit, go get it, no, leave it, go potty, go outside, play and sooooo many other things! I have not taken any training courses yet, but I am pretty well trained, as I am a wise gal. Love from my humans and treats are all the motivation I need. I am pretty calm most of the time but I get really excited when I’m playing with toys with my humans, I love to play. A squeaky ball is my favorite, tug-of-war with a rope is fun – basically any toy is my favorite!

I didn’t live with children before until I got to my foster home but Lexi (7) and Jaiden (8) have shown me that kids are so amazing to play with – I follow Jaiden around a lot to play and I love to snuggle Lexi on the couch. I have not met a cat or small animals. I would probably be super curious at first, but I’m pretty gentle and when I’m told no, I listen. I live with two other dogs – Simba (a Volpino)  and Belle (a Chihuahua/Dachshund). They  are much smaller than me, I try really hard to play with them, but they are a little scared of me. I would just love to roll around with them! I understand that when another dog says “no” I need to stop.

My foster mom tells me that even though I was not well taken care of, I am one of the best dogs she has had. I love everyone around me, I interact with new dogs well, I walk pretty, I play nice, and I was kennel trained within a couple days. My foster mom tells me she loves me a lot so that’s awesome!

In my forever, I would really love to have another dog that plays gently and knows when to stop. Kids would be a really nice plus because I love children so much. My dream day would consist of playing, snuggling, going outside, repeat. Would love to meet you!

*** Lyla has some allergies that her adopter should be prepared to help her manage. They are well controlled with regular medication and she is currently receiving Cytopoint injections. Depending on the season and how her allergies are acting up, these will be needed every 4-8 weeks and are estimated to cost between $100-$120 per injection. ***

Adoption Fee: $300 (includes sales tax)
Adoption fee also includes a $50 training reimbursement credit - Learn more

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