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My Foster mom says I look so beautiful now that my shampoo and meds took care of my allergies.  I don’t know what that means but I do know I sure like it when she scratches my back and butt.  I love playing with my new foster brothers..We get to run outside and play in the pool until it’s nap time.  Mom says I have a sweet face and a couch potato personality, I can’t help that my favorite thing is to do is lay on the couch with her and snuggle.  My foster dad gets mad I think because he is always saying you love that Aria more than me!…But I think he loves me too since I get to go everywhere with him and he even lets me sleep in bed with him at night.. I like to tunnel in under the blankets and he even shares the pillow with me sometimes.  I like sleeping in bed with my foster parents but I sleep in my kennel too when they need alone time…I have no idea why they would ever need that but I’m happy to just be close to them.  I really enjoy playing with the kitty that lives in the house with me, she is full of energy so I just let her run circles around me but we always end up sleeping together on the couch.  Mom says I am really smart and I walk on the leash like a dream.  I love playing with everyone and sleeping on the hammock with the kids.  Mom always says that I learn so fast and I am very treated motivated but I like to make her feel good by playing dumb also I like to keep the treats coming.  

Save-A-Bull Rescue is a foster based organization that relies solely on donations of others. All dogs that pass through this rescue are thoroughly temperament tested and it is felt that we have a firm grasp on their individual needs and personalities. Not only do we feel that our dogs are remarkable ambassadors of the breed, but we vow to blow the negative image of Pit Bulls out of the water with every new adoption.

Adoption fees for all dogs is 5. This covers their spay/neuter, full vaccines, heartworm test, microchip, and deworming.

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