Female – Baby

Allie is a lovely little girl with A LOT of energy! Her favorite thing to do is play with other dogs, so any resident dogs must be OK with a playful puppy! She does well with dogs, adults, and kids, although she is just SO excited to meet everyone, she tends to jump up but we are working on that. She can jump and climb very high, so would need to be watched outside if you have a chain link fence or plan on using a gate. She understands to go potty outside, although will not always hold it until its time to go out so she does have a few accidents, but is learning quickly. She sleeps in her kennel at night and is in it when we are gone and does well in it. She cries for the first couple minutes then tends to quiet down. She is a very sweet girl who just wants a home to call her own!

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Allie  Allie  Allie  Allie