Female - 1 years old

Hi, my name is Lillith or Lily for short. I have the cutest puppy eyes which are almost impossible to say no to. My fur is super soft and pretty, just like me. I am very sweet and also a goofy wiggle butt! My foster parents say I'm a pitbull but also part pig and part hippo. I'm a little shy at first but once I get to know you I become a wiggly, velvet hippo! My foster parents don't know a whole lot of my backstory, but they think I'm around a year old. I came to my foster parents from Animal Control. I was not very happy there and was a little scared being there. But now that I am out and in a home, I am so much happier and doing so well. Once I warmed up in my foster home, I could not stop tackling my foster parents and giving them kisses!

I am potty trained! I've never had an accident in my foster home. (Paw on wood). I listen right away when I am told to go into my kennel and I sleep there comfortably at night, but I wouldn't argue with sleeping in bed with my humans. I also know how to sit, come when I'm called, and stay (most of the time, I'm still perfecting that one). I will be starting training courses soon so I can become my best self for my forever family. I also learn well with treats! Beggin' strips are my favorite.

I haven't met any kids yet and I'm not sure yet how I would do with them. I live with my foster brother, a 1-year-old puppy, and we love to play together! I didn't like to share my toys with him at first, but I've gotten better with time. We also like to go on walks and run zoomies together. In the evening, we sleep next to each other on the couch. I also love my foster cat brother, but sometimes I get a little excited and can't stop giving him kisses! I haven't quite figured out how to play with him yet and I'm still learning how to interact with him. I'm not sure how I would do with a cat long-term in my forever home. I like to hold my ground when I'm playing with other dogs. I'm not submissive, but not overly-dominant either. I'm a happy medium. I love to play with and meet other dogs – I haven't met a dog I didn't like.

I will let you know when the mail has come, someone is outside, or I hear a noise nearby. My foster parents tell me that it's okay and I don't need to let them know everytime, they're helping me learn that noises outside are okay. I just want to make sure my foster parents and brothers are safe!

I love to cuddle! If you're sitting on the couch I will be right next to you or on you. 70 pounds is still a lap dog, right? My velvet fur is perfect for cuddling. Oh and I also love to give you kisses – lots of kisses! I would also love to take long naps with you, as long as you don't mind my snoring. Or if you have work to do around the house, I'll sleep it out on the couch and wait for you to be done.

Going outside and going for walks are also some of my favorites. I sometimes try to lead the way on my walks but I listen if you redirect me. I like to watch squirrels and sometimes try to chase after them and need a reminder to leave them alone. I love to play with toys! My favorite toy is my stuffed broccoli toy. I brought it with me to my foster home because I loved it so much. I love to squeak it and chase after it, and when playtime is over, I take it to nap with me. I'm extra careful with my broccoli because I love it so much. With other toys I like to chew, chew, chew, chew! My foster parents give me lots of durable chew toys so I can chew safely. I have gotten into a couple things I thought were chew toys, but then I found out they were not. I'm still learning what toys are mine and which ones aren't.

I get so excited when my foster parents come home. Even if they've only been gone five minutes. My butt starts wiggling and I can't make it stop! Sometimes I try to jump up to say hi, but I listen when I'm told to stay down. I also get the wiggles for feeding time and treats. I love food!

My perfect day would be waking up to have my breakfast ready for me and then a long walk with my human. Next, we would come back home, have some treats, and spend a few hours cuddling and snoozing on the couch. Then we would wake up for some play time and later spend some more time cuddling and snoozing. My perfect forever family should be willing to be patient with me at first as I warm up to my new forever home. I would love humans who don't mind spending some time with me on the couch and taking me for walks. I wouldn't mind a dog brother who would play well with me. But I would also be okay as an only dog so I can have all the toys and treats to myself. I am so excited to find my forever family and spend lots of days loving them and spending time with them!

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