Female - 7 months old

Hello, I’m Mallow. My best features are my big ears and expressive bright eyes! I love exploring the house and getting to know new people. When you start petting me I can’t help but flop over and ask for belly rubs! When I am really excited to go somewhere that has stairs, I will either gracefully skip steps or trip over them, there is no in-between! I love helping my foster dad in the kitchen with dishes or cooking. So far I haven’t had any scraps – but maybe one day I will get some. Sometimes I will sit in people’s laps for cuddle time, I really like being close to people!

I am completely potty trained! Being in a crate is not my idea of a good time. When my foster parents are eating I will go into my crate, but that is in the same room as them so I don’t cry much because I can see them. At night I stay in my crate in my own room, and when I first go in I have a hard time being so far away from my foster family, but I do calm down and fall asleep. I have mastered “sit”, “leave it”, “off”, “kisses”, and “boop”! I am working on recall, “shake/paw”, “wait”, “lay down”, and “place”. I am currently not in any training classes. I might need a slow introduction to a facility, but I think training or obedience courses could be fun! Food and attention are really big motivators for me right now!

I have met some older kids, ages 8 and 10 years old and have done well with them. I have two foster brothers who are cats. One is about eight months old and I REALLY want to play with him, and I don’t know exactly how to play with him but I am determined to figure it out! The other is about eight years old and I want to get to know him, but he is not as interested as I am. I have met dogs of all ages and have done well with them. My doggie foster sister is a 55-pound pit bull mix who is helping me learn how to be a dog. I am more submissive in playing with her. My foster siblings are my adventure squad, I like to walk and run around with them or learn new tricks with them! I tend to follow my foster family around when they are doing things and wait for their approval and for pets. With my foster parents, I like exploring and learning new tricks too, but I also love their pets and cuddles.

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I am the best dog because I am so smart, ready to learn, and ready to love you with everything I got. I am most like a hobbit from Lord of the Rings, I love walks and in a perfect world, I would have seven meals a day! I am not super motivated by toys, the ones I am really interested in are usually nylabones or plushy toys. I am a cuddle and snooze baby, and I would love to cuddle with YOU!

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