Male - 2 months old

Hello there, I'm Osferth. So nice to meet you! I got my name from my sponsor who is a fan of the show The Last Kingdom. It's a pretty cool show and a unique name, so I dig it.

Long story short, my brothers and I recently relocated from New Mexico to warm, sunny Minnesota 🙂 We made the long journey with our mom and stayed with her for the first few weeks we were in MN because we were still pretty young and nursing on her milk. Once my brothers and I were old enough and no longer relying on mom for food, the three of us moved to a different house so mom could have some peace and quiet and we could learn to be more independent. So far it's been really great, we're having a lot of fun!

A little about me – I'm a pretty typical puppy. I love wrestling around with my brothers, getting into mischief and nibbling on whatever I can get my teeth on. My foster mom says it's just a phase while my teeth come in and grow and she has tons and tons of toys for me to chew on. I like most of them but my favorite so far has been the teething rings that she gives us. My brothers and I wrestle a LOT. We're learning to play with others and learning boundaries with each other – and man, we sure do love to wrestle and play! I would say I'm the feisty one of the group. I don't back down from a challenge or a good wrestling match. I love to explore new places, people, dogs and toys. I'm not scared of much but I'm still learning about a lot of new and interesting things too. I would love to have someone continue to show me that new things aren't always scary and a lot of times can be really fun. In both of the homes I've lived at so far, we have had bigger foster siblings and with a little time, I've warmed up to them. They're just so much bigger than me that it makes me a little nervous. But once I discovered that they just wanted to play with me, I was all about it. It's so fun!

Because I'm so young I haven't learned much in the way of training. I have a lot of things to learn yet and so I would love to find a family that is patient with me as I try to catch on to all the training techniques. I'll get there with consistency, patience, love and treats (my favorite!). Another favorite for me is tearing up the pee pads that my foster mom puts down. 🙂 They make such fun toys and I feel big and strong when I can shred them to pieces. She doesn't find it as amusing as I do, but she says it's okay because I'm darn cute. She says I'll grow out of it soon enough, whatever that means. Maybe we could meet sometime and shred some pee pads together. I think that would be so fun. What do ya think?

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