Female - 4 years old

Hello, I'm Eadith. Nice to meet you! I'm a sweet, southern gal from New Mexico who recently relocated to Minnesota. As my pictures likely tell, I've spent a good part of my adult life being a mom. I recently finished raising my last litter of pups and am now officially an empty-nester. I truly loved being a mom and was quite good at it, if I do say so myself, but I'm really excited to enter the next chapter of life. I'm one of those really pretty blue pitties that everyone goes crazy over. People always say how pretty I am which makes me happy and want to give kisses to thank them for such a nice compliment.

Right now, I live with one other adult female dog and we've become BFFs. She's also a pretty blue pittie and we're about the same size, so we share clothes all the time which is super fun! At first, we were unsure about one another but I also had my babies to protect so we kept our distance for a bit. But with some time, slow introductions and lots of treats, we realized that we had nothing to be afraid of and became instant friends. She's a little bit younger than me and wants to play all day. I enjoy playing with her a lot but with taking care of my babies, I didn't have much time or energy for play. Now that the babies have left the nest, I'll be able to relax and enjoy playing with her even more. I haven't been around any kids or cats yet so I don't know what I would think about them. I'm pretty patient and sweet so I think I would really like living with kids and maybe even cats.

One thing I love more than affection from my foster mom is food. I love, love, love, love, love food! I will do just about anything for it. My foster mom isn't sure if I'm so eager to eat because I was nursing the babies or because I didn't have consistent access to food prior to coming into rescue. But I've been learning to calm down when food comes out, sit and patiently wait for the food to be set down and then wait to start eating when my foster mom says it's ok. I'm still really eager to eat but I'm learning patience with food. With all of that, I do a lot better when eating in a safe space, like my kennel, or with no other dogs around and I have this funny looking bowl that my foster mom calls a slow feeder. I guess I was gobbling my food down too quickly but it's just so yummy! I do get a little protective of higher value treats, so when I have those things my foster mom puts me in my kennel so that I can enjoy those treats without my foster sister around. I can't help but want to steal her treats if I finish mine before her, so my foster mom says for everyone's sake, we should be separate until we're done eating. Another thing I love is squeaky toys. I don't really squeak them but I like to carry them around with me until I find a safe place to stash them. It makes my foster mom giggle. 🙂

Right now, my foster mom is teaching me to go into my kennel when she says the word “kennel”. I'm getting the hang of it and I really like the treats that I get when I go into my kennel so I think I'll keep that up, so I can get more yummy treats. I'm also learning about potty training since I wasn't potty trained before. I am pretty good about not going in the house but sometimes I go if my foster mom isn't paying attention and I really have to go. My foster mom is always really patient with me when I go in the house. I think she feels bad for not seeing that I really had to go potty. She did put some hanging bells on the door so we can ring those when we need to go out, but I'm not quite sure how to do that yet. For the most part, I'm doing awesome with potty training now that my foster mom and foster sister/BFF are teaching me what to do and, bonus, I get more treats!

Now that I'm settled in Minnesota and the little ones are off to their new homes, I hope to find someone(s) that wants to partner with a sweet, mature gal who loves to eat, sleep, snuggle and go on adventures together. Perhaps we could meet and see if that someone(s) is you?

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