Female - 3 months old

Hi, Penny here, as in a Penny for your thoughts. I think you must be thinking about adopting me, so let me introduce myself. I am a green-eyed beauty from New Mexico who is just starting this adventure called life!

So far I have discovered that I love chasing leaves, chewing on Nylabones, snuggling, and playing with my big fur sister. She is much bigger than me, but that doesn’t scare me at all! I was conflicted about stairs – it is fun to run up the stairs, but then I would stand at the top and cry to get down. I have recently learned to go downstairs all by myself. There’s no stopping me now! I cry a little bit in my kennel, but if my Nylabone is with me I get busy chewing and forget that I am sad. I am working on potty training. I know to go only on a pee pad inside, and when I’m outside l get to pick where I “go”.

I hear that forever homes are wonderful! I’ll bet I would like your forever home, even if it does have stairs. 🙂

Penny is sponsored and named by
Old National Bank for Give to the Max Day 2021

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