Male - 10 months old
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Hi! My name is Turducken, or Duckie as my foster mom calls me. My mom says they got my Thanksgiving themed name wrong, they should have called me Pumpkin because I’m sweet as pie! My favorite activities are going for walks and snuggling on the couch. Why sit next to you when I can sit ON YOU? Kidding, not kidding.

I am 100% potty trained and do really well in the house. I was found wandering in St. Paul and although we don’t know my backstory, they think I’m about 10 months old. My pictures make me look bigger than I am, but I’m really just a little guy at 45 lbs! I think that everyone, two-legged and four-legged, is my best friend. I’m working very hard on learning manners, and I will need a family committed to continuing my training. I am very eager to please but sometimes I get so excited that I forget all the stuff my foster mom has taught me. I get to start working with a trainer tomorrow and I am very excited to learn some new tricks!

My dream forever family would be an active family that is looking for a walking or running buddy. My foster mom takes me on two 30-minute walks a day and makes me work for my food. My favorite is when she puts my dinner in the Kong Wobbler! Because I’m still learning my manners, I would do best in a home without small children. I do love the little kids in my neighborhood, but I can be jumpy and too excited around toys. I think other dogs are the BEST. I would do great as a solo pup, but if you did have a dog, another younger, active dog would be best. I love to wrestle hard and the older dogs I’ve met have thought I was a bit much. Their loss, as I’m awesome! I also would do best in a home without shared walls. I was stuck in a loud, sad shelter for a while before this nice lady busted me out. I don’t mind my kennel, but sometimes I get worried my foster mom won’t come back and I bark. She has a camera that she can talk to me through, and I love that! All she has to do is tell me she’s coming home soon and I settle right down. And then for my last request, I need a family committed to keeping me in cute sweaters and jackets. I’m not a fan of this white stuff on the ground, I’m cold all the time. I love my fleece jackets and will gladly wear them anytime I go outside (and inside sometimes too).

What do you think? Did my bowtie win you over? Can’t wait to meet you and see if we’re a forever match! 

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