Female - 7 months old

Hello, I’m Maple. I’m the cutest pup with a heart nose and tan spots all over my light colored fur! I love to chew, play and run like mad – the zoomies are so fun! When my foster mom has to have a serious conversation with me, I tilt my head from side-to-side to tell her I’m listening. I love eating and chasing ice cubes and chewing on carrots. Actually I love all food –!

I’m doing so well at potty training! Sometimes I get too excited and busy playing that I might have an accident, but I’m on a pretty good schedule and I don’t go potty in my kennel at night or when my foster humans have to go to work. The accidents are rare…. I’m learning! I sleep in my kennel at night and during the day when my humans are working. When my foster mom tells me it’s night night time, I let her pick me up and take me to my kennel. Sometimes I have feelings about my bedtime and complain from my kennel for a minute or two but then I sleep in my kennel right through the night. I’m currently working on “lay down” and not pulling on the leash. I’ve got smells to smell and cars to chase, so it’s tough to have self control! I’ve pretty much mastered “sit”, “shake”, and “high five”, and waiting to take a treat from my foster mom. I haven’t taken any training classes yet, but I would love to! I’m so smart and have a lot of energy so I could use the great outlet. Treats motivate me more than anything else – I love treats!

I’ve only been around teenagers. They’re cool. If they were smaller I might push them over when I get excited and jumpy. I’ve lived with a couple of cats for a little while. They were able to climb to higher spots to get away from me. And the little one would hiss when I’d chase or pounce and I would back off… I guess she did not want to play! I live with one other dog. I’d like to play, and keep trying, but she’s kinda old and not interested in my antics. She’s much bigger than me but that doesn’t stop me… I’m not scared! I’m kinda hyper around other dogs. I think I’m trying to figure out who and what I am. I’m not afraid of anything so maybe I’m a little more dominant. I’d love to play and run and rough house, but my dog friend is too old for those shenanigans!

My dream forever family would have some doggo siblings who love to play. If there was a fenced yard where we could run and play, I would be in heaven. I would play all day if I could – if there is anything going on, I gotta be a part of it. I would love to meet you!

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