Male - 9 months old

Hi! My name is Phoenix, will you let me love you? I am a 9-month-old Great Pyrenese mix (my foster mom and the vet think Lab, but they are just guessing!) and I very much want a furever home of my own.

I spent the vast majority of my short life in a crate and I’ve spent my time in rescue so far learning how to just be a dog. I wasn't potty trained and didn't know my name. I also didn't know "sit" or "stay" or much of anything really, but my foster mom says I catch on super quick. It only took me two days to get this potty training figured out! My foster mom and I are still trying to settle on a way for me to let her know that I need to go out, but bells seem to be doing the trick! I have also learned that I like Nylabones and toys once I figured out what they were for.

My foster mom took me to the vet for a checkup and it was scary and new, but I was such a good boy! I didn't care about the other dogs or even the hamsters or cats I saw there. I only wanted to look at them, not eat them (who would want to eat a new friend?!). I was also not bothered by the shots or having my nails done. I'm also a dream on a leash!

I sleep in my crate at night. Sometimes I do whine a bit when I'm in my crate but that's just because I can hear something happening that I'm not involved in and I don't want to miss out on anything! My foster mom says I have a little separation anxiety but that it's getting much better the more comfortable I become with my new life. I am a huge goofball because I am a little uncoordinated and don't know my own size. I sit where I want to sit even if that's on my foster brother or foster mom (I love snuggles!) or half on the couch and half off... I'm not picky! I love other dogs and just want them to love me! My foster brother is very tolerant of my affections and lets me clean his ears and use him as a body pillow.

When all is said and done I just want a furever home for the holidays and someone to love. I will likely need a few days to acclimate and settle in once I go to my furever home, but that is to be expected given my past. I have so much love to give and I can't wait to give it to you, and it would be extra special if you already have a dog that I can love too! 

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