Big Al
Male - 1 years old

Hi, my name is Big Al. I am a handsome young adult brindle block head with charm and attitude! More bully style than terrier for certain, notice my big head (almost as big as my heart) and muscular physique. My foster dad has been working on helping me to be my very best and helping me to refine my manners. I like to try and use my charm and good looks to get to do anything I wish. 🙂 I am finding that being mannerly and getting praised achieves me much more happiness.

I have lots of energy and am eager to learn new things, but consistency is paramount for me. I’m very successful if people work with me on my level and without giving in too easily. My prior family didn't take the time to help me learn when I was little, and then didn't know what to do with me when I became a bratty teenager. With some guidance I have become quite a delight!

I am potty trained and whine to let you know when I need to go outside. I even go to my assigned potty spot pretty consistently. I have learned that my kennel is my safe and happy place. I spend my kennel time napping while my foster family is away. When they are home, I still enjoy having my own space now and again, and I like my soft bed. I am continuing to learn walking on a leash but have come SO far! Continued practice would give me confidence in my skills. I know how to “sit”, "wait", “stay” pretty well and am working on many other words. I can also “shake”. I have not taken any training courses, but really need to so I can be the best me I can be. Training with my forever person also creates a lifetime bond like no other. It would make our life together so much more rewarding and fun. I’m most motivated by human interaction, I love my humans! I really like going on walks and car rides. Spending time playing in the yard and doing "zoomies" brightens my day.

Here are some interesting, fun facts about me:
I am a really good boy! I love people so much and give the best cuddles and hugs.

Description of my dream forever family?
My dream family would be a family that likes to spend time outdoors. I actually really like being outside and playing in the snow but don't like the cold like most bullies. I just want to be wherever my people are and join them for everything they enjoy.

My favorite toys?
I really LOVE my teddy bear and carry him all over from room to room with me. Rope toys and Orbee-Tuff balls and Wubba-Kongs are awesome. I’m pretty good at working all of the knots out of the ropes for you, so I will need a steady supply.

Play all day or cuddles and snoozes?
50/50 – I will both play all day and cuddle.

What makes my body wiggle and tail wag harder than anything?
When I see my favorite people and I show off my toys (so proud of them all!).

What would  my dream day consist of?
My dream day would consist of waking up with my family and going for a ½ hour to hour walk in the sunshine. Spending the day going for a car ride and cuddling with my teddy bear (he goes everywhere with me ya know!). Helping my family with daily tasks gives me focus and pleasure.

You would love to meet ME and I would love to meet YOU!

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