Male - 2 months old

Hello, I’m Walker! I have a big round puppy belly, squishy face, and a lot of extra body rolls. There is just more of me to love! I am not shy, I will let you know the moment I need something. I have definitely been known to get a little hangry. For the most part, I’m a go with the flow kind of guy.  I play when my brother and foster brother wants to play, then I’m all ready for some good couch time. Don’t forget the blanket and pillows please! My mom is from New Mexico, and was used to breeding litters of puppies. The people who owned my mom could no longer care for her, so they surrendered her to one of Save-A-Bull’s partner rescues down south. Turns out my mom was pregnant at that time with my siblings and me. We were born in rescue in New Mexico, and then made the journey to the much colder climate of Minnesota in early October.

I think I’m doing a pretty good job when it comes to using the bathroom outside. I usually let my foster family know with a little whimper, so any accident had is on them. Crate training is another thing I’m pretty good at! I’m told the crate is my “house”, and my foster parents put a comfy bed with blankets in there. I may whimper a little in the beginning, but that’s just because I want to stay up later. I don’t want to miss out on anything fun! I sleep in my “house” at night currently with my brother, but I heard I’m moving up in the world – I will get my own “house” soon! I am working on perfecting my potty and crate training, and I keep on hearing the word “sit”. I don’t really know what they are talking about, but I’m sure I’ll figure that out soon. The only trick I have officially mastered is melting hearts, I can’t help it. I haven’t taken any training classes yet, but I sure would love the opportunity to. I’m still pretty little, so I haven’t been introduced to too many treats yet. If a treat is food, I am sure I would love it. I do love the belly and ear scratches I get after using the bathroom outside.

I have two human foster siblings. The girl is the biggest dog lover, and she is 11. The boy is a bit of a moody teen, and he is 13. I worked my magic on him though, he couldn’t help a smile when he saw me and I think he just fell in love a bit. I haven’t had the privilege of meeting anything smaller than myself yet. Unless, you count my brother – compared to me, he’s a little guy. I have two foster dog siblings that are both adopted from Save-A-Bull. Blanche is a pretty lady and she is turning five years old soon. The other one is Stanley, and he is still a puppy. He’s a giant one compared to me, Blanche and Stanley are around 50 pounds. I think I’m pretty dominant while playing with my brother, but I know when to back down with the big dogs. Sometimes, I even hide under the table. My foster sister Blanche has told me she likes to be alone. Occasionally, she tries to play with me. Stanley is another story! I love him and we do everything together. We run, we play, and we cuddle. He’s a cool big brother!

I think I’m the best because I’m the best at cuddling. I like to snuggle in! Whether it’s up around your neck or in the crook of your arm. I share my warmth with whoever I cuddle, and have a cute little puppy snore.

My dream day would be finding my forever home with you. We could play, I could learn to walk outside on a leash, and then snuggle in for the night. I’m always up for mid day naps too. My dream family would be a home with someone to love forever. Someone who will care for me, cuddle me, and forgive me for any mistakes I make as I grow up. Could that be you?


Walker is sponsored and named by
Becca K for Give to the Max Day 2021

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