Rocky Road
Male - 7 years old

Hello, I’m Rocky Road! My best physical characteristics are my shorty short legs and my long body. I am super funny when I wake up in the morning! My foster mom opens the kennel door and I zoom out and around the dining room table a few times before we go out to potty. I am also super good at burrowing – I have a favorite blanket that I cuddle in at night and it’s like I disappear into a little cocoon of cute!

Unfortunately, I have had multiple owners. My last owner decided that I wasn’t a good fit because I chewed up her hearing aids and peed in the house. Ever since I arrived at my foster parent’s home though, I’ve been so good! I’ve only had two small accidents the first day and haven’t chewed anything up that wasn’t a toy. It turns out that a little bit of structure in my life is a good thing!

It seems that I am potty trained. My last home told my foster mom that I marked in the house, but I’ve been really good at my foster home. I am so good in my kennel! I love going in there, but my foster mom noticed that I might have been punished and made to go to my kennel. I still do really well in there though, and it’s definitely a safe spot for me. I sleep in my kennel at night with no problems! I’m learning to sit – it doesn’t seem like I know much yet, but I’m really smart. I do know my name and I seem to know “come”. I would do well with training – especially some leash training and manners. I love human interaction – this seems to motivate me the most right now. I like KONG type toys with peanut butter or other good treats in there. I also like playing a bit of tuggie and chewing on Nylabones.

I’ve met my neighbor kids – they are between three and eight and I was pretty good with them. I do have some guarding tendencies with toys and food in my kennel, so my mom thinks that a new family will need to be cautious with high value items. I live with three cats, a rabbit and two other dogs. I do pretty well with the cats. I’ve smelled the rabbit but haven’t met him yet. I have a pretty high prey drive with squirrels so my foster mom doesn’t want me to interact with the rabbit or other small animals. I live with two dogs – a 6-year-old female Husky mix and a 3-year-old Pittie/Beagle mix – they are both about 40 lbs or so. I am more submissive in general around other dogs. I want to play with the cats. However, if I’m in my kennel and have a really good toy or food, I do get a bit protective and defensive of my resources. I really like playing chase with my Husky foster sibling. She runs really fast and it’s fun to try to catch her, though it’s almost impossible to do since I have the shortest legs ever!

I LOVE my people when I learn to trust you. I get so excited to see my foster family every morning and shower them with kisses and love. It’s so nice to be in a home where I get a ton of love and attention – I just eat it up! My dream forever family would be a home that can give me love and attention. I really don’t ask for much. I am sweet, love pets, and just being with a caring human.

My dream day would consist of a nice walk or some play time in the yard, followed by breakfast and some cuddles and a toy on the couch. I’ll take a nap while you work and then maybe we can play again over lunch. A short evening walk and some dinner sounds nice to round off the evening. Could that family be you?

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