Male - 4 months old

Hi I am Zero – like Jack Skellington loyal pet! I am an extreme lover of humans and want to be right by my humans all of the time being cuddled – it is my favorite thing in the world! My foster family says that I have an adorable long nose like Zero the dog, and the cutest overbite! I have the sweetest sad eyes with a wrinkly forehead and a cute fat puppy belly. I am all white except for one tiny black spot on my ear and my speckled nose. I am super cuddly and soft with the best puppy breath ever! I think I am the world’s best cuddler, I can snuggle up with my humans – both kids and adults and stay there for hours if they will let me!

I live with my foster family and my two littermates. Two of my foster siblings are the 4-legged kind. I try to play with them, but they are MUCH bigger than me, as I am only about 4 lbs. right now, and my big foster sister is a Staffy/Lab that is 60 lbs. She is a little big for me, so I don’t really try to play with her. My sibling brothers are more my size, but humans are my favorite.

I am working super hard on my potty training, but I am still a baby so I have a hard time holding it for long periods of time. I am super good about holding it to go poop outside instead of in my xpen, and I go right away when I get outside! I know once my bladder is a little bigger, I will do really well with this.

My dream forever family would have a mix of play and cuddle time. I would be happy being the only dog or being part of a pack – either way is great for me as long as I can be with my family and cuddle a lot. Did I mention that I love to cuddle humans all day and give lots of puppy kisses?

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