Male - 4 months old
Special Needs

Hi I am Oogie, like OogieBoogie because I am super wiggly and love to run and jump around and let everyone know I am here! My foster family says that I have the sweetest heart nose and a cute fat puppy belly. I am all white except for some tiny black spots on my ears. They think I am super cuddly and soft with the best puppy breath ever! I think I am a ferocious puppy and I like to run and pounce on my foster siblings!

I am still learning to communicate with everyone, as I am deaf or at least hard of hearing. My foster mom shows me that even deaf or hard of hearing puppies can learn all the tricks and communications that hearing dogs can learn, I just learn differently. The good news is that I don’t care about the doorbell, fireworks, other dogs barking, or any of the other loud things that make hearing dogs go crazy. They don’t bother me at all!

I live with my foster family and my two canine foster siblings. My big foster sister is a Staffy/Lab that is 60 lbs. I try really hard to intimidate her, but she just plops her paw on my head then I let her win! One of my favorite things to do is to play with my human foster sibling. He is 12 and is SO MUCH FUN! I love to run and play with him and let him take me on walks with him. We love to snuggle together too, and I love to snuggle with my foster family. They think I am a super sweet boy.

I have been working super hard on my potty training, but I am still a baby, so I have a hard time holding it for long periods of time. I am super good about holding it to go poop outside instead of in my kennel and I go right away when I get outside! I know once my bladder is a little bigger, I will do really well with this. I am just a tiny little guy right now! I am kennel trained and do well sleeping in my kennel at night. I bark for a few minutes, but once you are out of sight I quiet down.

My dream forever family would have a happy mix of play and cuddle time and be willing to help me learn more sign language commands. My foster mom said she learns a ton from YouTube on how to help me learn things. I have no idea what that is, but it helps us communicate so I love it! Right now, we are learning how to get my attention. She uses a flashlight since I can’t hear her call my name. I am really starting to understand. It is fun and I get lots of yummy treats when we play our flashlight game!

I think I would be happiest being part of a pack with other dogs to show me the way and keep me company, I love to play! Being alone isn’t my favorite thing but if you don’t have other animals for me to play with that’s ok. Just give me lots of love and I will be fine. In return you will get lots of puppy kisses! I love to give puppy kisses! Could this be you?

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