Female - 8 months old
No Cats

I’m Katniss! As I sit down to write this, I can't help but wonder: Will I ever find my furever home! Wait a minute; who am I, Carrie Bradshaw? Let's stick to the script. I am a fun, energetic pup who loves to give kisses and snuggle. My fur has a beautiful coloration featuring black, white, brown, and pink. My profile faintly resembles the cartoon character "Bluey," so people suspect I'm not 100% Pitbull. I have soft, floppy ears, and silky smooth fur.

Like any puppy; I, too, have boundless energy, so I'm eager to go for walks and tour the neighborhood using mostly my nose. I'm 90% potty trained. I'm currently working on my manners and socializing (hey, after long pandemic lockdowns, who ISN'T?). Should you allow me to sleep in your bed, my light snoring is better than any white-noise machine.

Oh yeah: Like Carrie Bradshaw, I also won't be having any kids, following my recent surgery. I do, however, love to play with human kids. They really know how to get my tail waggin’!

Anyway, as I settle into this new life in Minnesota – I can’t help but wonder; will I ever find my furever family? I guess time will tell!

**no cats or small dogs in Miss Katniss's forever home please**

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