Female - 1 years old

Hello, I’m Cece! The “C” in my name stands for so many amazing things, it seems only fair to use it twice! Check out my fabulous traits:

  • Charming  – I have a remarkable personality! 
  • Cuddly – I am such a lover, who’s happy place is with my pack.
  • Cute – I mean, look at that face and my velvety ears!
  • Creature of habit – I like a routine.
  • Commands – I have mastered them! I know “sit”, “down”, “stay”, “shake”, and “back”!
  • Chill – I’m a laid-back girl just looking for someone to hang out with.
  • Courteous – I take my treats very gently.
  • Companion – I will gladly meet your energy level to be the best companion out there.
  • Confidence – I am confident once I know what is expected of me.
  • Couch – I love a soft couch to snuggle on with my people.
  • Clever – I am one smart cookie!
  • Curious – I like to explore and keep an eye on things in the neighborhood. 
  • Congenial – I am easy to get along with.

A couple things to know about me in advance:

  • Counter Surfing – I am very food driven, so be careful leaving food on the countertop or table.
  • Company – I need slower introductions with strangers, but I come around quickly with positive reinforcement.
  • Cautious – I look before I leap!
  • Cry – I may cry when separated from my pack. With a little time and training, I will be confident enough to be home alone.

If you think I’m your gal, I would love to meet you!

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