Female - 5 months old

Hello, I’m Dior! I’m a very good looking girl with the cutest face in all of Minnesota! I love chasing after toys, but then I get scared of the toy and run away back to my humans – they think it’s funny. Someday I’m really going to get that toy and show it who's boss! I came from New Mexico with my sisters. I am trying to forget most of my past, so my new humans don’t really know much about what I went through. But it was kind of rough, I even had some stitches in my leg that are all healed now. I’m learning that things aren’t as scary as they once were. But for now, I’m still a very timid girl.

I am almost potty trained, I’m working on it. I go right into my kennel when I’m asked. I am very quiet in my kennel and it’s really been a safe place for me to relax and hide out when I’m feeling overwhelmed. At night I sleep in my kennel, and I sleep like a baby! I am working on basic obedience – my foster family keeps telling me I have a lot to learn, including my name! I would love some training, so I know more about what other dogs do and feel confident that I can do those cool tricks too! I love treats and I love being comforted and cheered on by my adult humans. I am open to all toys! My new family has a lot and I am learning to explore them all.

I live with an 18-month-old and a 4-year-old. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen such little humans before, they are very odd but they smell like strawberries and peanut butter, which I like. So far I have been really scared of them, but we are slowly becoming friends. I live with one big pitbull dog. I really love him! He makes me feel safe, especially when we’re on walks and a big garbage truck drives by. I think cars and loud noises and other barking dogs are all really scary, but he is helping me to feel more confident in my new home and neighborhood. I love running around the yard and being chased by the big dog and then rolling around on the ground while he jumps around me. I do get a little intimidated by how big and loud he is, but each day we’re getting better and better at playing together.

I am the sweetest girl, I love being pet and being close to my humans. I am like Piglet from Winnie the Pooh. I am a little scared to get started, but with my friends around I can do anything any other dog does.

I really just want a family who loves me and keeps me safe. I would love another dog friend or maybe a cat or a ferret or a goat! I’m a super sweet girl and am still learning how to feel confident in this big, scary world and I know there’s someone out there who wants a good girl like me!

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