Female - 4 months old

Hi, I’m Addy! I’m a small puppy that came to Minnesota from Texas with my brothers and sisters! I love Minnesota and I am so happy that this is my new home. I am still trying to learn to respond to verbal commands, but I’ll tell you what, I respond quickly to treats! Unlike my foster (dog) brother, I am still pretty small. But, I have big paws so I am going to be a big girl someday!

My favorite thing to do is play with my chew toys! I have a chewy bone I like to play with, I have a stuffed unicorn that I like to throw around and chase when I’m bored. I even like to chew on the couch sometimes, but I have quickly learned that I should stick to the toys! I also like to wrestle with my foster brother. He is a lot bigger than I am, but I am a lot faster than him so I like to run in circles until he gets too tired to catch me! Since I am always playing, I also need time to rest and recharge. I love taking naps and cuddling up with my human when he lets me up on the couch.

I am so good when it comes to being in my crate! Whether it’s meal time or sleep time, I happily run into my crate and I don’t make a peep. My foster brother is a little loud for the first few minutes in his crate, so I like to be on the other side of the room so I can get my rest. I am doing really well at potty training! Like I said, I am small, so my foster family has been really great at making sure they take me outside regularly, or else I will have an accident, but I blame them if that happens!

I love to play, I love to cuddle, and I would love to join your family!

Addy's spay date is September 10th, so she can go to her forever home on September 12. 🙂

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