Male - 5 months old

Hi, I’m Milton! I travelled all the way to Minnesota from Texas with my siblings. So far, I am fitting in perfectly and I love this Minnesota summer weather! My foster family calls me Samson, but honestly, I’ll respond to anything if that means I get attention from my family. I am a pretty big boy already, and I have big paws so I think I am going to grow up to be big and strong!

My favorite thing to do is play with my foster (dog) sister. We are both young and energetic and like to fight over toys. Yeah, sure, we have about 15 different toys we could play with, but we tend to want to play with the same one. I am a lot bigger than her, so I usually end up getting the toy that I want! I also love to chase my foster sister and wrestle with her. Since I am always running around, I also love to take naps – how else would I have enough energy to play once I wake up?

I am awesome when it comes to potty training! I’ve only had two accidents in my house since I moved in. I live in an apartment in Minneapolis, so I am used to going potty on the rooftop dog run, but I am also learning that it is okay to go in the grass when I go for walks. I am great when it comes to sleeping in my crate! I like to make a little bit of noise when I first get in, but then I sleep through the night without making a sound. I really like it when my family plays the sound of rain over the speakers, it helps me stay calm and fall asleep quickly.

Don’t I sound like the perfect puppy to be a part of your family? I can’t wait to meet you!

Milton's neuter date is September 10th, so he can go to his forever home on September 11th. 🙂

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