Female - 7 months old

Hello, my name is Jazz! I have the cutest eye-patch and pink and black nose that makes my head look like a cow! Even though I can’t hear, my white ears stick straight up when I am paying close attention to something.  Since I am deaf, I am sometimes spooked by the cat coming up behind me when I can’t hear him – my foster mom laughs because I am so much bigger than him but know that he rules the house.

I am doing great at learning how to get to the door and let my foster mom know that I need to go outside. It still gets a little confusing because I am a puppy, but everyone says I’m so smart! I do well in my crate for 5-6 hours a day while my foster mom is at work. At night I sleep in my crate, although I loooove to cuddle in bed for naps. I am working on learning the signs for lay down. Since I am deaf, my foster mom needs to get my attention before giving a command, which can be a little tricky with my puppy energy. But once I notice the signals, I love to please and do what I’m asked. I am also working on learning the signal for “kennel up”. I have the sit sign down perfectly! Ropes and squeakers are my favorite toys – I can’t hear that squeak but I can feel the squeeze and sure love it. Treats motivate me, as well as some great pats on the head to let me know I did the right thing. I can’t hear my foster mom come home, so I am usually surprised by her in front of me. I love waking up to something or someone I did not hear come in!

I have not met or lived with children. I have a foster brother cat, I wish he would play with me and let me get close, but when he lets me know he does not want to play I leave him alone. I have a 70 lb. foster sister pittie, I love to play and run around with her. We eat and sleep in the same area with no issues. My favorite activities with my foster sister are tug-of-war, walks, and just running around the yard together.

My deafness makes me extra attentive in other ways, and I love to cuddle more than anything in the world. My dream family would be relatively active, but also love to relax on the couch for a cuddle session. My dream day would consist of lots of snacks, belly rubs, and running around a yard. Could that be you?

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