Female - 2 years old

Hi guys, my name is Beezus (or Beatrice if you want to be formal). Some nice people found me wandering on my own, very dirty and equally as hungry. Thankfully I’ve had many baths, lots of food and am all ready to find my forever home. I hear the nice people talking about me and they think I’m about two years old, although I act like I’m 10. They also say that I have the best droopy face wrinkles, an irresistible wiggle butt and the most expressive brown eyes. My eyes almost always look sad but don’t be fooled, it’s my superpower! I’m a petite little girl who has been working on putting on a few pounds so I promise not to take up too much space.

At night, I am the perfect sleeper, aside from a little snoring once in a while. I automatically go in my crate and sleep through the whole night. They even leave my crate door open and I stay in there all night right next to their bed. If you are willing to let me sleep with you, I would love that too but I am perfectly content laying on the floor. I am learning very quickly that you humans are mostly good people but once in a while I go “pancake” to the floor if you come in too quick to pet me. Once I realize you are my friend, I perk up very quickly!

I was never taught any tricks, but I do LOVE FOOD and am extremely motivated by it so I will be eager to learn if you are willing to teach me. I’m still learning to communicate when I need to go outside for potty breaks, however, when you take me out, I know that it’s time to take care of business! I also do very well in my crate and do not mind going in. My crate is my special safe place.

I must be honest, if you are looking for an exercise partner, I’m probably not your gal. Exercise is just not my favorite thing. I definitely prefer the couch, Netflix, snacks and air conditioning over walks, fetch and tug-o-war. What can I say? I’m a bulldog and extremely easy going.

I’m currently staying with two senior dogs (Boston Terrier/Pugs) and I have little interest in either of them. On rare occasions, if I am feeling extra spunky, I might try and play but it only lasts about a minute or two and I go back to relaxing. I also really love kids so if you have any of those, I would love to meet them as well.

I’m really hoping to find a family who has time and patience for me as I’m still learning the ropes but well on my way to being a wonderful, loyal family member. If you think you might be my person, I’d really love to meet you!

Beezus has her spay day on July 26th and will be available to go to her forever home on July 28th. 🙂

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