Female - 6 months old

Hello! My name is Marcy and I am five months old. My foster mom says that I am super soft and she loves my wrinkles. She also calls me a tripawd puppy, whatever that means. She says that I am super special because I only have three legs. I am not sure why she thinks I am special, all of the other dogs have three legs too, plus one. I am just missing the plus one! It doesn’t slow me down too much though. I don’t really remember life before my plus one went away, I was just a baby, nine weeks old.

Since then I have been getting along very well and I am even learning to go up and down the stairs! My foster mom says that can be super scary for a puppy like me. I am getting the hang of it though. I am also good at other things like sit, off, leave it, and drop it. I am a smart girl! My favorite thing to do is eat! I LOVE food. You can get me to do just about anything with food. I am potty trained when on a good schedule but I am still learning to tell my mom that I have to go out. I am super quiet when I go and sit by the door. I guess I need to bark there or something but I don’t like to do that much. Mostly I just like to make silly grunting noises.

My favorite place to be is right by my foster family’s side. I will take any one of the family members, they are all pretty great. I have a foster mom, foster dad, a human foster brother who is 11, and a human foster sister who is 26. I also have two fur foster siblings. Thea is a 1-year-old giant Staffylab and Vinny is a tiny 2-year-old terrier. I like to play with both of them and am very good about reading their queues when they are done playing.

I am a gentle girl but I am grunty and growly when I play. My mom says lots of Pibble puppies like to “talk” when they play.  I also love to sleep and my favorite position to sleep is on my back with my belly in the air! It is a perfect position for spontaneous belly rubs which I also love! Speaking of sleeping, my favorite place to sleep is with my foster brother. He is such a good cuddler! I don’t care much for my crate but I don’t mind being left home alone and I am a very good girl when I am left. I don’t chew on inappropriate things or anything. I just lay on my bed and rest until my family comes back home.

Even though I only have three legs I still like to do all of the fun doggie activities like fetch, tug, going on shorter walks, playing with toys, chewing on bones, and playing brain games. My foster mom says those are good for me. My foster mom thinks that I am the best dog because I have such a happy personality and am such an inspiration! She says that I make people happy by just being near them and I haven’t met a person yet that I didn’t like. She says I would be the best therapy dog in the world because I am so happy and friendly. Plus, she says I am a really good cuddler and I like to give kisses.

My dream family would be one that would understand that I need regular exercise despite my missing leg and would give me the most love ever. Could that be you?

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