Female - 4 months old

Hi! My name is Cotton.  My foster mom says I am pretty and very smart. I love car rides and belly scratches! I am a good girl and I will make someone the best little friend ever.

I am working on potty training. I am a bit lazy (I know, but I’m still a puppy!) and will pee inside, when I forget to make sure I pee before coming back indoors. When I have to go in my crate, I howl with a tremendous amount oof indignation but my foster mom just says “sshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” like you would to a baby, and I calm right down and go to sleep quietly. At night I sleep in my crate next to my sister’s crate, next to my foster mom’s bed. My foster mom occasionally lets us both in bed to sleep with her for a few hours and that is heaven!

I know “sit” and am learning “shake”. I come running when my foster mom whistles, and then she has me sit and gives me a treat and smooches. I do my best to listen to my foster mom, but sometimes I try to assert my own will and get into trouble, but I am learning! My favorite games are chase and tug-of-war with my sister – my favorite toy is a stuffed dog that I like to run around and shake at my sister. My biggest motivators are FOOD and LOVE!

I have met some kids and like to jump up and lick their faces for food remnants (remember I AM a puppy!). Sometimes I get too excited and nip but we are working on that! Honestly, I just love anyone who wants to shower me with love, big or small. Sometimes I am a bit too rough with my resident cat, Charlie, who does not fight back. My sister and I like to jump on him and we roughhouse too much and Charlie gets scared. The other resident cat gives off more of a ‘don’t mess with me’ energy so we don’t mess with him. I live with my doggie sister,  who came with me from New Mexico. We have so much fun!

I am loyal and do well off leash in my front yard without a fence. If I go too near the sidewalk and look like I might want to cross the street, my foster mom says no and I stop immediately and come running back. I am a good listener and love to please.

My dream forever home would have someone who is with me a lot. They would take me to dog parks and train me to be a sweet little ambassador for my breed. I think I would love to have another dog in the home to play with and learn from. Could that be you?

Cotton is sponsored by
Jason S., in memory of his dog Aurora

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