Female - 11 months old

Hi, my name is Parsley! As you can see, I am a big, beautiful, brindle girl. I have a special diamond on the top of my forehead and very expressive eyes. I will capture you with my charm!

I am very athletic and love to run and jump. I am not even a year old yet, so I still have some of my puppy clumsiness – my foster mom says it’s cute, but it can be kind of embarrassing. My foster mom says that I am too big to be a lap dog (I guess I weigh 70 pounds already) but I don’t believe that, I love to jump into your lap for a cuddle. I was found as a stray in St. Paul with my sibling. My dad came and got my sibling, and left me behind. I am sad about that, but my foster mom told me she is going to find me the best forever home. I am excited to be part of a family again!

I am potty and kennel trained. The kennel is not my favorite place, but I understand that it is my safe place.  I love it when I get a delicious Kong when I go into my kennel. I am getting used to being in my kennel and go into it readily. I have started sleeping in my kennel at night, as I am working on my kennel skills, it is going very well. I have a great set-up, comfy bed, nice pillow and a soft blanket. I am working on leave-it and off. I am also working on walking with a harness. I have mastered “sit”! I would love to bond with my new family by taking training classes. I am very motivated by treats, and I love to please my people. I am not a big fan of many toys right now. I will play tug, if encouraged. I like to chase a ball for a little while, but I really am not understanding the “fetch” thing yet. I love Kongs and treat puzzles!

I would be great with older kids! I would be too big and jumpy for little kids and I don’t want to hurt anyone. I lived with cats very briefly and I was too interested in them. I think I would be best living without cats. Right now I am living with a 3-year-old male pitbull. He is jealous of me, but I really want to be his friend. We are taking introductions slowly, and I am okay with that. I have been going on walks with him and we do fine, I enjoy walking. I am very curious about other dogs and would love to play. I just need some practice with appropriate introductions.

When my foster parents are busy working, I get a little lonely. After some reassurance, I settle down and wait until they can pay attention to me and give me some cuddles. I love hanging out with my people!

My dream day would consist of a tasty breakfast, a walk and playing with my new family. I would end the day with lots of cuddle time. I love to spend time cuddling with my people. And by cuddling, I mean laying on them – full body contact!!

I would love a family that would include me in their daily activities and help me become the best girl I can be. I’m still a puppy and love to play and cuddle! I would love going on hikes and/or runs with my people. I think I would be awesome at agility training too! A fenced yard to play in would be amazing. Could that be you?

Parsley has a spay appointment on July 3, so she can go to her forever home on July 5. 🙂

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