Male - 4 months old

Hi, my name is Chewy! I have floppy ears, very fuzzy fur, and cute brown eyebrows. I am a very relaxed puppy, and I have the cutest head tilts when I hear interesting sounds or music.

I am potty trained – I have not had any accidents in my foster mom’s home. I still cry a little bit in my kennel, but I am doing great at learning that it is a good place to be! I sleep through the night in my kennel. I am working on sit, waiting for my food, and stay. Treats are my favorite motivator, and ropes and crinkly toys that I can pull apart are my favorite toys. I would have so much fun in a training course, as I am a smart boy!

I live with a foster brother cat and a guinea pig! I really wish the cat would play with me, but once he lets me know he does not want to, I leave him alone. I also have a 65 lb. pittie foster sister. We get along great, but she is a little more “mature” and I would LOVE a younger dog to play with that can match my energy! I am pretty submissive with my foster sister and let her have her way.

My favorite activities are wrestling, and tug-of-war. I am very sweet and cuddly, and great at learning. I make my foster mom laugh every day! My dream family would love to play and wear me out, and then cuddle on the couch for a movie night. Head and ear scratches and some good treats make me so happy. I would love to meet you!

Chewy has his neuter appointment on June 12th, so he will be ready go to his forever home on June 14th. 🙂

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