Male - 5 months old

Hi! My name is Anasazi. When my human foster brother first saw me and my blue collar with the yellow tag he called me Scooby. I am kind of goofy like him. My foster mom says I have the cutest wrinkles on my forehead and the best floppy ears and the softest fur. I have super long legs that get in my way sometimes when I am trying to run. I came from New Mexico with some other fur siblings and friends. This Minnesota is kind of cold and wet, I am not a big fan. This green stuff in the yard is weird. I am getting used to it though.

I am still a young guy so my foster mom says I have to go outside a lot. If I do my business there I get a treat and I love treats! I still forget and go in the house but I’ll figure this stuff out. I have tried a kennel when my mom had to get some things done and I have to tell you I really don’t like it at all. I want to be with my people and my foster fur sister. I am pretty happy that they are usually home all the time and they let me sleep in a big fluffy bed with them. They tell me I’m spoiled but I don’t know what that means.

I haven’t met any small humans yet. I have a 13-year-old foster brother and I like to sit with him and watch him play video games. I do have a foster fur sister that is a 70 pound pitty. She lets me follow her around and plays with me. Sometimes she wants to rest and lets me know that it’s time to leave her alone so I go grab a chew rope and entertain myself. There is a Guinea pig in a cage too but I haven’t paid any attention to that. I haven’t met any cats yet. I did get to chase a bunny in the yard and some birds. That was really fun!

In my spare time I like to chew on things (I am a puppy), run around like a madman and then take a nap. I can fall asleep anywhere. I am helpful with house work too. When my foster mom puts away laundry I take it right back out of those lower drawers for her and toss it around the room! I also make sure that when I take a drink of water I spread it around on the floor so she can use it to clean. She says I’m really good at making sure she gets all her steps in whatever that means.

My foster mom says that the family that adopts me will be lucky because I am just the cutest little lovebug. Just look at my pictures. How can anyone resist me?

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